How to take care of your relationship?

A relationship is not only all that is associated with joy, but also constant hard work to maintain this joy. In any pair, both people should work to preserve harmony and happiness. Thanks to this, each of the parties will be able to feel satisfied and fulfilled. So how to keep the relationship in good shape and full harmony?

First, compromise.

The relationship will not be fully satisfactory if it is more important for you to prove your point. There are many contentious issues that are so trivial that you can let them go in favor of the other person, instead of arguing about them. Best to think for yourself, is every reason to quarrel is worth your relationship? However, if there is already a quarrel, which is sometimes inevitable, then we should not care about the “victory” in it, but the other person. Useful are: the art of compromise and the ability to forgive. After all, the union brings together partners and not politicians of opposing parties.

Secondly – keep closeness and warmth.

There is nothing worse than that moment in a relationship where you feel distant and alienated from your partner. Therefore, it is worth creating as many positive moments as possible for both sides. These can be simple situations that put you in a good mood-cooking together, walking, or watching your favorite movies. It is also good to remember to compliment your partner. Habits such as hugging, saying “I love you”, “good morning and good night”, going to bed at the same time, holding hands, taking care of common interests, from time to time, organizing pleasant surprises for the partner also have a positive effect on creating closeness in a relationship.

Third – conversation, constructive communication.

In a conversation you can express almost everything. The power of words is beyond words. However, each power carries with it a great responsibility. Never forget how much words can hurt. It is also important to find common ground to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings. Especially since from the words we read most of the emotions of the other person, his excitement, disapproval, passion, delight, boredom, anger, etc. It is also worth addressing the partner to formulate messages based on feelings and behavior, for example. “I’m sorry you didn’t do the dishes, “instead of” you’re lazy and you don’t do anything in this house.” We indicate our emotions and specific behavior. Generalizing and evaluating, usually has the opposite effect than intended. In positive communication, it is also important to recognize the mood and well-being of the partner. If, for example, he had a bad day, then there is nothing to expect that he will be enthusiastic about our plans.

This is probably one of the most important issues regarding the relationship between two people. Of course, there are other aspects that must be taken care of. One of them is a sense of gratitude to the other person. Many people make the mistake of assuming that the fact that someone is in a relationship with them and doing something for them is simply obvious. You should always appreciate the other person so that she sees that we are grateful for the relationship with her. Also for services or daily activities it is worth saying “thank you”. This is a magic word, next to “I love you”, which makes the partner feel appreciated and has a higher self-esteem (and it is known that the fewer complexes, the greater the satisfaction from the relationship). It is also important to respect each other in the daily treatment of each other and to take into account the life plans of the other party on an equal footing with their own.

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