Psychotherapy – what is it?

Trying to imagine what psychotherapy is, it’s good to start with a conversation. On the one hand, psychotherapy is very similar to it, two-sometimes more-people talk to each other. On the other hand, it is a conversation influenced by the principles of professional appropriate psychotherapy, a conversation that is intended to help the patient to solve their problems.

At first, the patient does not know the psychotherapist-the psychotherapist does not know the patient. Hence consultations, that is, several preliminary meetings, during which the psychotherapist gets to know the patient and his problem and the patient the psychotherapist and his methods of work. They are aimed at matching the appropriate form of assistance for a particular person,which can be psychotherapy .If it turns out that psychotherapy is an adequate form of help, the psychotherapist and the patient determine its framework,the rules: such as, for example: the frequency of meetings. This is a certain agreement between the patient and the psychotherapist, which both parties agree to adhere to.

Related to psychotherapy, the search for understanding of the inner world, the way it affects current events, its history carries with it the possibility of change, the hope of unlocking the ability to create relationships based on love, to be creative, to derive satisfaction from work.

Individual psychotherapy conducted in the psychoanalytic approach is a method that allows, among other things, the treatment of personality disorders, depression, neurosis; anxiety disorders, dissociative, somatization, obsessive-compulsive disorder.

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